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me and James Bond
digital print
18” x 60”


In me and James Bond, still images are appropriated from the 1963 James Bond film From Russia with Love, depicting the dapper British spy and the various women with whom he associates in the film, which was shot on location in Istanbul, Turkey. The artist injects herself into the Bond narrative by inserting images of herself in a blue scarf on the Bosporus Straight in Istanbul.

Multiple images of the artist in a blue scarf (here the older woman) mimic the young actress in the blue scarf  by the Bosporus. The artist and the movie star shift their gazes left and right and up and down scanning the narrative montage that the still movie images create. The older woman (the artist) looks up towards the movie star in the blue scarf, and  down at the belly dancer, the languorous Turkish mistress in the orange dress, and towards James Bond kissing the Russian spy. The artist assumes a voyeuristic outlook on the sexy chauvinistic film, while at the same time she (the older woman in the blue scarf) also assumes some control of the viewpoint of the women (and men) in the film.