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Elemental Landscapes, Installation, Mixed media 1996   

Elemental Landscapes is an environmental artwork and performance collaboratively created by artist Sherry Wiggins, architect Jim Logan, poet Susan Edwards, and the Mariposa Dance Collective for the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. In the work, four interconnected rooms represented the elements of water, earth, fire and air in abstracted forms. “water” was represented in a room constructed with glass and mirrors suspended in horizontal wooden forms, while the “earth” was evoked in an area comprised of thick, brilliant yellow walls. In the “fire” room, kinetic red poles and a large circular form of bound willows evoked the element, and “air” was signified in a space with densely hung translucent cloth banners. Poems and text were integrated into the space on the floor, walls, mirrors and cloth, and dancers inhabited these spaces at scheduled times – enlivening the environment and inviting viewers to stay and reflect.