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Seven color digital images either 16 x 24 inches or 24 x 16 inches 

Sherry Wiggins and photographer Luís Branco shot this series of images in the dry reservoir at Santa Susana in the Alentejo region of Portugal in October of 2017. At this time southern Portugal was suffering a severe drought. The earth is light brown and cracked with black crevices where the water has drained away. The drought created a kind of apocalyptic but strangely beautiful landscape. The ground looks something like dry skin or “flesh.” Wiggins occupies and moves within this unique ground in this series of images. There is a peculiar affinity both physically and aesthetically between the dry cracked earth and the older woman / Wiggins in the black dress. The images prescribe something intimate and fragile – a real and existential loss… of water, of youth…
(photography by Luís Branco)