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Frame Flow Reflection* - a mixed media installation of  seven 22” x 32” digital photo collages, one 24” x 31” digital photo collage and eight 24” x 18” gouache and graphite drawings

Sherry Wiggins chronicles her pilgrimage to India and Bhutan in a series of photo collages and paintings in "Frame Flow Reflection." Wiggins recombines and reframes images of various rituals and sacred places with brilliant colors and geometric designs. These Buddhist pilgrimage sites have been visited for more than two millennia: Lumbini is where Buddha was born, Bodh Gaya is the place where Buddha attained enlightenment under the Bodhi tree, and Kushinagar is where he died and passed into parinirvana. The mountains and temples of Bhutan are remarkable places of intense spiritual practice as well. Part travelogue, part meditation, Wiggins reimagines these Eastern rites and spaces into her own aesthetic and personal language.

* "Frame, Flow and Reflection" is the title of an essay by sociologist Victor Turner that examines aspects of ritual practice and experience.

Installation images:

In I’ve been reading Simone de Beauvoir, artist Sherry Wiggins acts as both subject and artist as she intertwines her life with the life and writing of French writer, feminist, and philosopher Simone de Beauvoir in a work that examines the ambiguous process of feminine identity construction as both intellectual challenge and real life situation. The video introduces de Beauvoir’s complex and often contradictory concepts of the subject and other, and  love and intersubjectivity, as explained in her major feminist text on the historically subservient position of women, The Second Sex. The work then incorporates text excerpts from The Second Sex and includes photos from each subject’s life, in addition to biographical scenarios and voice-overs to  explore and illuminate the difficulties and successes of being a woman and a feminist.