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Three color mages - each 24” x 24” printed on archival watercolor paper

Wiggins researched the work of Portuguese conceptual artist Helena Almeida in the U.S. and during an artist residency at the Obras Foundation in Portugal. Emboldened by Almeida’s method of using her own figure as the subject - Wiggins accomplished her own work while in Portugal. Wiggins utilized her body in performances / actions in the constructed fabric environment of a red and black flower. In the studio at the Obras Foundation, Wiggins laid down primed white canvas to create a base for the red cloth “flower”. Then she placed herself in the flower and photographer Luis Branco documented her performances with a camera. This process crosses the genres of: drawing, installation, performance, and photography. This series is part of Wiggins’ larger ongoing project – “Searching Selves: An Intersubjective Practice with Remarkable Women Artists of the 20th Century.”
Photography by Luis Branco