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Eight black and white images -  47” x 32” or 21” x 32”  

In these multi-layered works, Wiggins has found a profound connection to the archetypal / mythical feminine in the environment near Evoramonte in the Alentejo region of Portugal. She meets her Self again, merging with other Selves that are buried deep within her psyche and indeed within the souls of all women. A woman sits in the ruins of a building, for example, looking towards the sacred mountain in the distance; a queen trapped in a tower is covered in black cloth at the fortress of Evoramonte, a matriarch faces us her body erect between earth and sky, a goddess both powerful and vulnerable inhabits the rocky ravine called Pego do Sino. These and others recall classic characters in mythology and fairy tale, reflecting universal concerns in contemporary terms in a mystic, primordial landscape. These works are all collaborations with photographer Luis Branco, who has documented these actions and added his unique sense of the visual world and of the photographic image. This series was produced with the generous support of the Obras Foundation near Evoramonte, Portugal.