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Nine images - each 24” x 24”
Printed on archival watercolor paper

This series, Performing the Drawing / Realizar o Desenho, was produced in Portugal at the Obras Foundation and is influenced and empowered by the work of Portuguese artist Helena Almeida. For this sequence of images a drone camera was deployed outdoors to document the performance / actions of the artist from a bird’s - eye view. Wiggins is swathed in a large piece of black fabric with a background of primed white canvas. The black cloth appears like a giant gown and creates a sweeping gestural form on the white ground as the artist motions with her body. It is as if Wiggins is performing the drawingwith her actions. You will notice a second figure adjusting the artist in two of the images; also note the beautiful blue shadows on the figures created by the outdoor light. The nine images are displayed in a large square grid. This project in Portugal is part of Wiggins’ larger ongoing project – “Searching Selves: An Intersubjective Practice with Remarkable Women Artists of the 20th Century.”
Photography by Rui Fernandes

Installation Images: