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color digital images, sizes vary 

Sherry Wiggins and photographer Luís Branco continued their performative photographic collaboration in the spring of 2019 near Evoramonte in the Alentejo region of Portugal.

We see the woman (always Wiggins) amid verdant green landscapes – rising ecstatically and cloaked in red cloth, sheltered by a large black umbrella, holding a bouquet of red carnations on the 25th of April ( the date of the “Carnation Revolution” in 1974). We see her almost naked laying in the lush emerald fields at Herdade de Marmeleira, her body camouflaged by flesh colored fabric. We see her seated in a chair, draped in the same flesh veil, arms akimbo. Branco then photographs her from inside a building, through the window – a kind of voyeurism in reverse. Wiggins stands outside the window barely covered by the sheer fabric, like a goddess. Wiggins sits amid a spare horizon in a black dress, her countenance strong and quiet while her hair flies in the wind.

These images reflect universal themes that Wiggins and Branco have been pursuing in their work together - of the strength and fragility of the feminine, of life, of beauty, of aging and of our deep psychic and physical connection to nature.

“Download the pdf of the essay by Cydney M. Payton Mirror Image here. Payton has written an incisive piece about the collaborative work of Sherry Wiggins and Luís Branco.”

(photography by Luís Branco)