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Sherry Wiggins
3014 13th Street
Boulder, CO 80304 USA
telephone 303-547-8451
website: http://www.sherrywiggins.com
blog: http://sherrywigginsblog.com/
e- mail: sherrywiggins55@hotmail.com
instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sherrywigginsart/


2005 MFA, Sculpture, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO

1988 BFA, Sculpture, University of Colorado, Boulder, CO


Michael Warren Contemporary Gallery, Denver, CO


2019 Artist in residence, Obras Foundation, Renkum, Netherlands

2019 Artist in residence, Obras Foundation, Evoramonte, Portugal

2018 Artist in residence, Kaaysa Artist Residency, Boicucanga, Brazil

2017 Artist in residence, Obras Foundation, Evoramonte, Portugal

2016 Artist in residence, Obras Foundation, Evoramonte, Portugal

2015 Artist in residence, Obras Foundation, Evoramonte, Portugal

2014 Artist in residence, Sanskriti Foundation, Delhi, India

2005 - 2016 Founding member of 6+: a women’s art collective

2005 - 2016 Member of Artnauts

2011 – 2014 Member of the Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO
1996 - 2002  Designer/Manager: J Logan Architects, Boulder, CO

1996  Recipient, Co-Visions Grant, Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, Denver, CO 

1996  Recipient, Visionary Award, American Institute of Architects, CO

1992 Commissioned Artist, Fenceline Artifact, Denver International Airport, with artist Buster Simpson

1991 Commissioned Artist, Waterworks, Farver Collection, Woody Creek, CO

1991 Creative Fellowship Award, Sculpture, Colorado Council on the Arts and Humanities, Denver, CO

1991 -1995  Commissioned Artist, Lost Borders, City and County of Denver, Denver, CO

1990 Public Art Design Consultant, New Denver International Airport Art Program, Denver, CO


2020 Pink Progression Collaborations, (with Luis Branco). Arvada Center, Arvada, CO

2020 The Mirror Between Us, (with Luis Branco), Igreja de São Vicente, Évora, Portugal

2019 Murmurations, (curated by Jennifer Heath), First Congregational Church, Boulder, CO

2019 Delirium, Three Visions, (with Luis Branco), Redline Contemporary Art Center, Boulder, CO

2018 Imaginary Maps, (curated by Jennifer Heath), First Congregational Church, Boulder, CO

2017 Out of India, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art at Macky, Boulder, CO

2017 Meeting Her Again, Michael Warren Contemporary Gallery, Denver, CO

2017 Meeting Her Again / Reencontrando-a (with Luis Branco), Palacio dos Marqueses da Praia e Monforte, Estremoz, Portugal

2016 A Lasting Legacy, History of the Visual Arts in Boulder, Canyon Gallery, Boulder Public Library, Boulder, CO

2016 Globalocation, Redline, Denver, CO

2016 Art & Resistance, Dar Al-Kalima College of Arts and Culture, Bethlehem, Palestine

2016 Zeitgeist, Greatmore Studios, Capetown, South Africa

2016 Soul Drift, Museum of Natural History, Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herzegovina

2016– 2013 The Map is Not the Territory, – (curated by Jennifer Heath and Dagmar Painter)
The Arab American National Museum, Dearborn, Michigan (2016)
P 21 Gallery, London, UK (2015)
The Levantine Cultural Center, Los Angeles, CA (2014)
The Jerusalem Fund Gallery Al Quds, Washington DC (2013)

2014 Art at Sanskriti, Sanskriti Foundation, Delhi, India
2013 Practice (solo exhibit), Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

2013 Place/Lugar, Bibliotecha Publica Municipa, Taraira, Columbia
Casa de la Cutura, Mitu, Columbia

2013 Diptych – America: Private Spaces/ Public Spaces, Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2013 Better Society, a public art project in Metro-Stops in Budapest, Hungary

2013 Home/Land,  Dar-al Kalima College, Bethlehem, Palestine

2013 – 2006 Turning Our Tongues – An audio/video project with young women
of the Dheisheh Refugee Camp: http://6plus.org/deheisheh.html
Side Effects May Include…, Arts Student League, Denver, CO (2013)
(Dis)covering the Veil, Concordia College, Moorhead, MN (2011)
International Center of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, Palestine, (2009)
The Nobel Women's Initiative Int. Conference, Galway, Ireland (2007) Submerged Entropy: Recovering Cultural Voice, Michigan, USA, (2007) Invent-L Conference 2007: Imaging Place, Gainesville, USA, (2007)
Exit Art: New York, New York, (2007)
Middle Eastern Studies Ass. Annual Conference, Boston, USA (2006)

2013 -2008  The Veil: Visible and Invisible Spaces (curated by Jennifer Heath)
Hearst Art Gallery, St. Mary’s College, Moraga, CA (2012)
Bartlett Center for the Visual Arts, Stillwater, OK (2012)
The Art Museum at the U. of Kentucky, Lexington, KY (2011)
R. E. Peeler Art Center, DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana (2010)
CAS Galleries, Kean University, Union, New Jersey (2010)
University Art Gallery, Cal. State Univ. at Dominguez Hills, Carson, California (2010)
Indiana University East Art Galleries, Bloomington, Indiana (2009)
University of Arkansas Fine Art Gallery, Fayetteville, AR (2008)
Union Art Gallery, Univ. of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Milwaukee, WI (2008)
The Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO (2008)
2012 Frame Flow Reflection,(solo exhibit,) Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

2012 The Ecological Imperitive, Museo de Arte Contemporaneo, Valdivia, Chile

2012  Mixed Messages,Universidad de los Llanos, Villavicencio, Meta, Columbia
Parque Principal, Granada, Meta, Columbia

2012 Death is…., Patio Principal, Centro Historico, Mexico City, Mexico

2011 Prayers for Others, (solo exhibition,) Ice Cube Gallery, Denver, CO

2011 Prayers for Others, exhibited with “(Dis)covering the Veil,” Concordia College, Moorhead, MN

2011 Memory Remains, Casa de las Ciencias, Univerisdad Autonoma del Estado de Morelos
Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico

2011 – 2009 AZAG/GAZA: Mirroring War
Al Khaf Gallery, Bethlehem, Palestine (2011)
Galeria Zapata, Oaxaca, Mexico (2009)
Museo de Arte Virreinal, Casa Humboldt, Taxco, Mexico (2009)

2011 Arte y Amazonia, Universidad Nacional de Columbia Sede Amazonia, Leticia, Columbia

2011 – 2010  Horror, Terror and Death,
The Museum of Edgar Allan Poe, Richmond, Virginia (2011)
Galeria Antonio Ramirez, Xochimilco, Mexico City, Mexico (2011)
Casa de la Cultura, Oaxaquena, Oaxaca, Mexico (2010)
Goguette Gallery, Mexico DF (2010)

2010  Water and the Environment
Museo de la Universidad de San Carlos, Guatamala City, Guatamala
Spaces Gallery 24 de Mar Marzo, Mexico DF

2010  Signs, Signifiers, and the Signified
Universidad Nacional de Bogota, Bogota, Columbia
Universidad de Llanos, San Jose del Guaviare, Columbia

2009 Tuning - at the International Incheon Women’s Biennial, Incheon, Korea

2009  Crossing Over the Land, (a solo exhibit), International Center of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, West Bank

2009  Signs of Globalization, Escuela Superior de Arte, Universidad of San Carlos Guatemala,        
Guatemala City, Guatemala

2009 Ecology, Sala de Escuela Superior de Arte el Paranimfo, Universidad of San Carlos, Guatemala City, Guatemala

2008  Walk Bethlehem - a performance with the 6+ collective, part of Contemporary Collectives do Outrageous Work, (curated by Carey Lovelace), Bronx Museum, Bronx, NY

2008  After Tractatus
Universidad Nacional, Columbia
Universidad de Iquitos, Peru
Universidad del Estado del Amazonas UEA, Brasil

2008  Centers and Borders
XYZ Gallery Beijing, China,
The Gallery of the School of Fine Arts, Yinchaun, China
Ningxia Exhibition Center, Yinchaun, China

2008  - 2006 Secrets (curated by 6+: a women’s art collective)
(catalogue: http://6plus.org/publications.html, essays by Lucy R. Lippard and Maymanah Farhat)
Glass Curtain Gallery, Chicago, IL (2008)
Dairy Center for the Arts, Boulder, CO (2007)
International Center of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, West Bank (2006)
Khalil Sakakini Cultural Center, Ramallah, West Bank (2006)
Al Hoash Gallery, Jerusalem (2006)
2008  Art and Social Change/Land Culture and Memory
International Center of Bethlehem, Bethlehem, West Bank

2007 Nexus
Universidad Nacional de Colombia Sede Amazonia, Leticia, Colom
Universidad del Estado del Amazonas, UEA, Brasil, Tabatinga,
Brazil Universidad Nacional de Colombia, Sede Medellin,
Escuela de Artes, Medellin, Colombia

2007 Weather Report (curated by Lucy Lippard), BMOCA, Boulder, CO

2006 Confluence – an Outdoor Site Specific Exhibition, MCA, Denver, CO

2005 Post Industrial Carnival, Union Train Station, Tampa, Florida

2005 Left There: a Site Specific Art Exhibition, Lykins Gulch Farm, Longmont, CO

2005 Futures and Histories Restored, MFA Thesis Exhibition, CU Art Museum, Boulder, CO

2004 Common Wounds, International Center, Bethlehem, West Bank

2004 Visiones del Norte, Academia de San Carlos, Mexico City, Mexico

2001 Dream Houses, MCA, Denver, CO

2000 Colorado 2000, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO

1999  Housed, BMOCA, Boulder, CO

1996 Elementary Landscapes - a collaboration with Jim Logan, Susan Edwards, and the Mariposa Collective, BMOCA, Boulder, CO

1996 Shift– an exhibition of installation art, Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, Colorado

1994 Lure of the Local (curated by Lucy Lippard), CU Art Galleries, Boulder, CO

1994 Art That Interprets the Earth, University of the Arts Gallery, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1992 Midlands Invitational 1992: Installation, Joslyn Art Museum, Omaha, Nebraska

1992  Art Outside, Artyard, Denver, CO

1991 Creative Fellowship Show, MSCD Center for the Arts, Denver, CO

1991 Rites of Spring – an exhibition of site-specific art, Connemara Conservancy Foundation,
Dallas, Texas

1990  Dream Chambers – an exhibition of installation art,  Arvada Center for the Arts and Humanities, Arvada, CO

1989  Small Sculpture, Robischon Gallery, Denver, CO

1989  Sherry Wiggins,( solo exhibition), Emmanuel Gallery, Denver, CO

1989  Colorado Sculpture – an exhibition of site-specific sculpture, Aspen Art Museum, Aspen, CO

1988  Sculpture in the Park – an exhibition of site-specific sculpture, Boulder Art Center, Boulder, CO


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